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nexus events:

Our core activities

NEXUS events are at the heart of what we do. We run a regular and active series of meetings both online and face-to-face where we explore belonging - and belonging in Hong Kong - from a range of perspectives.

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What are NEXUS events like?

The events are led by interesting people from a range of backgrounds. Some are academic, where researchers and research participants report their findings and discuss with us what they might mean - for example our event with Jan Gube from EdUHK. Some work we discuss straddles academia and creative practice, such as our event with Christine Vicera, founder of the be/longing project. Some are less traditional in feel, more conversational and interactive, such as our HKUST student-led open dialogue and an open forum with Narrativesbyus, both led by groups and organisations actively involved in challenging established conceptions of what it means to belong in Hong Kong.

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Linguistic citizenship & adult migrant education: voice, linguistic diversity, and sociolinguistic understanding in education

Hosting Melanie Cooke on voice, linguistic diversity, and the value of sociolinguistic understanding in education

27 Jun 2023 (Tue) | 5:00pm - 6:30pm
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YouTube: Seminar Recordings

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YouTube Playlist: Seminar Series | Nexus: The Belonging Research Network

If you were unable to attend our events and are afraid of missing out on event content, rest assured - you'll find recordings of our previous seminars on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with our update!

Note: Some events may not be recorded and therefore not available on YouTube due to the event nature/the format of which they were held. 

Check out our past events here:

22 May 2023
Religious minorities in the 2019 Hong Kong protests: Ambivalence, strategies of (non)participation, and claims of belonging among Muslims, Sikhs, and Hindus of Hong Kong

Hosting Venera Khalikova on religious minorities and belonging at Academic Building Rm 3301 HKUST & online

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19 Apr 2023
Individual experiences, collective creativity: What can journaling tell us about motherhood, community and belonging?

Hosting Jessica Bradley on creative journaling, motherhood, community and belonging

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